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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

SolaX Power, a Pioneering Force in Solar and Storage Solutions, Successfully Executes its Initial Public Offering (IPO)


On January 3, 2024, SolaX Power, an industry trailblazer in the solar and storage sector, is pleased to announce the successful culmination of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and subsequent listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market, trading under the stock code 688717. This notable accomplishment marks a pivotal milestone in the company's decade-long trajectory.


Founded in 2012, SolaX Power is dedicated to actualizing a clean and sustainable future through solar energy. As a leading global provider of solar and storage solutions and one of Asia's pioneering hybrid inverter manufacturers, SolaX Power has matured into a multinational corporation, boasting a workforce exceeding 2,000 employees worldwide. With its headquarters situated in Hangzhou, China, and additional branches strategically located in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Australia, Japan, and the US, SolaX Power extends its services to customers across more than 80 countries.


Positioned as a high-tech enterprise, SolaX Power showcases formidable research and development capabilities, seamlessly amalgamating R&D, production, sales, and service functions. Since its inception, the company has obtained authorization for over 100 international patents, encompassing more than 30 invention patents. Currently, SolaX Power products hold over 500 international mainstream market certifications. Significantly, SolaX Power stands as the inaugural Chinese manufacturer to achieve the Japanese S-Mark certificate for its residential energy storage system. In the year 2023, the company garnered 20 EUPD awards globally, including distinctions such as Top Brand PV Inverter and Top Brand PV Storage, conferred by EUPD Research.


SolaX Power's expansive product portfolio encompasses Photovoltaic (PV) inverters, energy storage solutions, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, and advanced smart energy management systems. The company's energy storage solutions have earned esteemed recognition, including the distinguished "Red Dot Design Award 2021" and the TÜV Rheinland "All Quality Matters" award for the X-ESS G4. Tailored to cater to residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications, SolaX Power's PV inverters are characterized by exceptional efficiency, reliability, adaptability, and intelligent control, positioning the company at the forefront of technological innovation.


Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, SolaX Power strategically situates itself to address the growing demand for clean energy solutions. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) signifies a critical strategic initiative, with the objective of strengthening partnerships, expanding market presence, and making substantial contributions to the global transition towards a greener future.

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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.
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