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SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.

X-ESS G4 Reliable All-in-one Energy Storage Solution

Enjoy your great experience of Green Energy & Less Bills of Electricity and so on.

A solution to generate clean energy from your own solar system to your home. 

An ideal choice is presented by SolaX, safety and easy installation for residential user.

During the day, basked in sunlight, SolaX energy storage system converts solar energy into "green" electricity for home.

When the blackout happens, SolaX energy storage system seamlessly transitions into becoming the home's primary energy source, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical appliances.

As night falls, our energy storage system seamlessly springs into action, harnessing the electricity stored in the battery during the day to consistently provide a continuous supply of green energy.

Reddot Winner Design

All-in-one home energy system 

Blends in beautifully

Fast Battery Charging Speed

It only takes 1 hour for X-ESS G4 to fully charge the T-BAT-SYS-HV-3.0 battery. 

With the shorter charging time, you can store more power in the same time period.

High Reliability

Stable performance in harsh environment

  • Passed the HALT test

  • Extreme high and low temperature test

  • Salt spray test

  • Aging test with full working load

1 Person 30 Minutes

Faster and easier installation

Working Under

Extremely Cold 


Up to 200% DC oversizing

Up to 150% PV input power

SolaX's new X-ESS G4 ensures 100% usage of your daily solar energy with excess energy being stored in the Triple Power batteries for night or backup use.

Simply install 1 system, smartly power whole home.


We offer ALL-IN-ONE system for America market to classifies home loads to prioritize essential loads to meet customers' needs. Moreover, customers can control the home appliances remotely, no matter to heat the water before getting home, or to turn off the AC when you are out.

Power the Entire Home
Power the Entire Home
Multiclass Load Management
Multiclass Load Management
Easy Installation
Easy Installation

4 system in parallel to achieve 30kW/80kWh Energy Storage System

  • Friendly with existing PV system

  • Up to 4 battery modules stackable, 20kWh each system

160A BI Supported

Not only A1-ESS G2 is capable to smartly power the entire house, customers are able to only connect essential loads to A1-ESS G2 and control on smart devices as needed. Also could be achieved flexible home backup energy by generator.

200% Oversizing

16A High-current input

150% MPPT power

150% Off grid capability

Modular Stacking Design

The plug-in terminals securely connect each module together, eliminating wiring work and allowing for quick installation and plug & play.

Micro grid function supported

Also can install the A1-ESS G2 with existing PV systems to realize micro grid function with AC coupled solutions.

To cater to the diverse requirements of customers across various countries worldwide in terms of residential energy storage, our company has dedicated itself to developing dependable and high-performing products.

Starting from 2020, SolaX introduced a range of residential energy storage systems, specifically designed for the Japanese market, known as the J1ESS HB series. These products boast exceptional performance, a sleek and sophisticated design, and a storage system with a generous capacity.

Embrace green energy to create a green future.

Hybrid System

No separate power conditioner needed

Wide-range 50~450V DC Input voltage

Support basic loads Full loads

AC Couple System

Connect SolaX energy storage system with existing PV system of other brands

Advanced Hybrid Battery!

lithium ion battery

Power Reduction

Customize your own Green Energy Plan

Life Assistant

Say goodbay to power outage concerns

User Friendly

Easy to install and maintain

Capable of running 200V appliances during
power outage!

The device supports AC voltage of 100/200V and provides AC output of 3kVA and 5.9kVA. Even if the unit is running independently during a power outage, it can still function normally. 

Rapidly switches to battery power within 10ms
reliable performance!

The battery supplies power during emergencies until the specified remaining power is reached.Automatic transition to solar power when battery capacity reaches the set level.

Never worry about running out of power again

Customizable Battery Capacity!

You can adjust the storage capacity of the battery between 10% and 100% to avoid depletion. Setting a higher emergency energy reserve ensures uninterrupted power during potential outages. The battery automatically stops discharging when it reaches the emergency energy level and resumes when energy levels decrease, providing electricity as needed.

SolaX Cloud

Real-time Monitoring 

Maintenance Management 


SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.
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